Learn. Master. Compete. 

This year’s driving programs are packed with power and designed to thrill. We’re featuring a range of exciting new models for you to experience firsthand, including the BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe. Experiment with groundbreaking technologies at the X Innovation Experience; take our newest models for a spin as part of the Street Drives program; or join your teen for an exciting introduction to driving theory at the Teen Driving School. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

So find your city, sign up for your favorite activities, and don’t forget to buckle up. With BMW’s finest technologies and innovations at your fingertips, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.


Spend 2 hours behind the wheel of the BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe. With the help of a BMW Professional Driving Instructor, you’ll experience power unlike any other as you test your skills on a challenging course designed to thrill. Push these machines to the limit as you make every corner, bump, brake, and curve work to your advantage. 


Experience the brute force and flawless functionality of the M lineup for yourself. For $250 you’ll spend half a day under the guidance of a BMW Professional Driving Instructor as you’re guided through every detail of such dominant machines as the BMW X3 M Competition, the BMW X4 M Competition, the BMW X5 M Competition, and the BMW X6 M Competition. Enjoy a range of activities, from slalom to skidpad, that will leave you with a whole new definition of what it means to drive.


Learning to drive is one thing. Learning to love driving is another. This specialized program exists to provide teens and guardians alike with an exciting introduction to driving theory and safety. From the comfort of the unconventionally sophisticated BMW M 340i Sedan, your teen will receive one-on-one training from certified BMW Professional Driving Instructors as they dish out wisdom, tips, and tools to be a better driver on the road.

Teens must be 16 or older. This experience is designed with the whole family in mind and even the most experienced drivers will walk away having learned a thing or two. 


Unlock the door to almost any BMW you can imagine when you participate in our complimentary Street Drives event. Our lineup of high-performance vehicles is yours to explore, with a wide range of vehicles available for eager drivers. Only here will you be able to take our newest models on a drive through your local streets, and get a feel for what it’s like to be behind the wheel. Participation is as simple as showing up and stepping into the machine of your dreams. You must be 25 or older to participate. 


Come meet us at the crossroads of innovation and tradition. You’ll be among the first to experiment with our newest technologies through a series of demonstrations and activities, including features to help you overcome a wide variety of road obstacles and the smartest back-up assistant on the market. Familiarize yourself with the interior of the BMW X7, the BMW X5, and the BMW X3 as you see just how much they’re capable of. The future comes fast, and when you participate in the X Innovations Experience you can be a part of it all. 


BMW has always had an obsession with high-level engineering, and that obsession has never been limited to cars alone. We’re proud to be bringing the BMW G 310 R to select cities across the USA. Hop on the sleek and powerful motorcycle and race against the clock in order to complete a challenging course designed to test your moxie. Weave through cones, execute a perfect figure eight, and more as part of the Motorrad Skills. Whether you’re cruising to work or dashing to the finish line, the sleek and powerful design of the G 310 R never disappoints.  Only available in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York.